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Whithurst Park

An Englishman’s home is his castle and in the case of Whithurst Park this has been true but for one exception, the house of entrepreneur Richard Taylor and designer Rick Englert has been an Anglo American project from the beginning.

Building in the English countryside is never easy, obtaining planning permission is always a hurdle to overcome. It all began in 1999 when 100 acres of park and woodland was purchased to realise this most ambitious of projects which continues today. The site in Sussex is dramatic and inspirational. The entire estate is a place of work, a place of relaxation and a place of dreams.

The main house viewed from an elevated position.
The front aspect of the main house
Whithurst Park, West Sussex
The main house as seen from across the grounds.
The main house viewed across the lake.
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The West Sussex/Surrey border is an idyllic setting

The Whithurst Estate is made up of woodlands, meadows and gardens. At its centre is the main house which is reached by a rolling drive stretching through carefully managed meadows and mature trees.

A combination of architecture blending with nature

A comfortable and practical home resting in one hundred acres of rolling parkland, supporting woodlands, meadows, pastureland and gardens.

A fabulous walled garden

A breathtaking project that has been developed using organic principles

Peace and contemplation

The aim of the Whithurst estate is to conserve the remote and tranquil character of the area

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On the threshold of light and dark

The Lodge settles against the dark forest tree line, responding to the landscape with few windows to the rear, its façade provides the views. It is completely glazed at ground-floor level allowing the expanse of meadows and sky to bask the interior in daylight and linking the occupants to the outside.

But then the bedrooms upstairs have very few views, all except for the main bedroom which has a large picture window, this is a much more introspective space, shuttered and closed, sheltering a more private world. Here the light drops from a crack in the roof into the centre of the building and passes through internal glazed screens, into the stairwell and the bedrooms.

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Whithurst Park Lodge Exterior View
The Lodge viewed from the drive
Whithurst Lodge - Side View
The LOdge throgh the trees
The dining area with views
Whithurst Lodge - Roof Detail
Roofing detail